Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Buff Or Not To Bluff... That's The Magic Of Poker!

Playing Texas Hold'em Poker can be extremely exciting. Especially when you've learned to bluff at the right time and steal the pot from your competitors.

But, do you know when the time is right to bluff and when you shouldn't?
Most beginners probably don't even know what a bluff is, much less when to use one to your advantage. Is not easy to make a good bluff it's an art form.

Firstly, what exactly is a bluff? A bluff is simply raising your bet in an attempt to scare your opponents into folding.
A bluff is done when the player knows his hand is not a winner, but feels he has an advantage over the other players because he can fool them into folding. Maybe because his the chip leader.

Now that you know what bluffing is do you know how to use it correctly? Probably one of the most obvious times to bluff is when all of players check on the flop or on the turn. That moment is a great time to bluff because the players are less likely to call your bet as they already feel unsure about their hand.

The only other time you would use a bluff is if you have been playing for a while and you feel as if you have a feel for the other players.

Beginners should probably avoid bluffing until they feel confident in their ability to play the game.

Mastering the bluff can launch you from being an average player to a Pokerchamp.