Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poker Mentality


If you only play poker for FUN, then making the jump to poker for a living may not be
for you. Because to be successful, you must be able to play at DULL tables… against
BORING players… and sit patiently for hours waiting for the right times to “make moves”.

The best players treat poker like a BUSINESS… not a hobby. It’s a way to make money.
Period. Sure… poker pros love the game and respect it, but they aren’t playing for pride.
They’re playing to pay the mortgage, car payments, and win more MONEY.
Do you ever get TIRED of waiting for good cards? Do you get annoyed by quiet…
slowmoving tables?

If you’re going to win money consistently, you’ve got to be able to play ten hours at a
time… at a BREAK EVEN rate… as you patiently wait for the BIG OPPORTUNITITES to
rake in large pots.
Of course, besides being patient and ignoring that “itch” for excitement, you must also
be able to handle LONG HOURS and LATE NIGHTS every day.

When you hear “poker professional”, what do you think of? Lots of people think of the
guys who win the World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour and take in multi-million
dollar purses.
But only a SMALL FRACTION of pros win those tournaments. Hell… not all pros even
ENTER most tournaments, depending on their preferred game.
And most importantly, the WIN RATE of even the best pros is very small. Just because
you see someone on TV a lot one season doesn’t mean he always makes the final table
for every tournament he’s in. What you DON’T see is all the frustrating losses he’s had to
GET to this point. For every final table, there’s five… ten… twenty… maybe FIFTY…
“bad” tournaments.

Most of the money that you’ll MAKE as a pro doesn’t come from that BIG tournament
win. Instead, it comes from “grinding it out” at the casinos and card rooms.
Try playing poker for a 12-hour session… FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. If you find yourself
getting too tired, you’re not ready for the pro life.

There are lots of players who have a DEEP PASSION and LOVE for poker… but they
don’t have the PERSONALITY needed to play full-time. That’s why many of the greatest
players just play SEMI-professionally… which may be a viable option for you too.

If you feel you got the Poker Mentality, Well then log on to a poker room and go for it.
Good Luck.

Ps. Hehe poker tools might help you abit along the way to ;).